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February 11, 2017

Working with a client, I was reminded of the following article that appeared in the AARP magazine a few years ago. These 5 Self-Branding Essentials were written by Andrew Reiner...(although I did not say "plaster yourself all over social media") -- nonetheless, the str...

March 19, 2016

Everyday millions of Americans start the day reaching for a cup of coffee.  Some of us cannot even transform into a human being without it.  This delicious drug accounts for $18 billion in sales each year in the US.  Those of us who reach for that Grande Caramel Macchi...

December 8, 2015

A brand is lasting, recognizable, and distinguished.  It is an emotional and transcending concept that associates your name with a set of feelings or beliefs.


My work leads me into collaborations with people of all age groups, however my primary focus has been mid-care...

October 31, 2015


Although the Fountain of Youth is a myth, we can age healthier.


According to research cited in a 2005 NY Times article, ‘Your Body Is Younger Than You Think’, the body renews itself at varying paces:


Skin: 2-4 Weeks; Hair: 6 years for women and 3 years for men; L...

September 30, 2015

Please read the attached article, then share your story:

Years Can Be Assets in a Job Hunt

July 23, 2015


"I Love Lucy” premiered in October 1951 and the country fell in love with the ditzy, red-head who was married to Cuban band leader, Desi Arnaz. Lucille Ball was 40 years old when the show aired, middle-aged by all standards, especially for show business in the 50’s.



May 17, 2015

A friend sent me a Youtube video of a New York University student playing piano and singing a song that she composed.

The name of the student playing barefooted in a formal gown was Stefani Germanotta, more commonly known as Lady GaGa. Since that NYU concert in 2005, G...