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March 19, 2016

Everyday millions of Americans start the day reaching for a cup of coffee.  Some of us cannot even transform into a human being without it.  This delicious drug accounts for $18 billion in sales each year in the US.  Those of us who reach for that Grande Caramel Macchi...

December 8, 2015

A brand is lasting, recognizable, and distinguished.  It is an emotional and transcending concept that associates your name with a set of feelings or beliefs.


My work leads me into collaborations with people of all age groups, however my primary focus has been mid-care...

September 30, 2015

Please read the attached article, then share your story:

Years Can Be Assets in a Job Hunt

July 23, 2015


"I Love Lucy” premiered in October 1951 and the country fell in love with the ditzy, red-head who was married to Cuban band leader, Desi Arnaz. Lucille Ball was 40 years old when the show aired, middle-aged by all standards, especially for show business in the 50’s.



October 20, 2012


I attended the Association of Image Consultants International Conference in Orlando, FL just a stone's thrown away from the home of Mickey Mouse.  I taught a workshop called Brand Magic for Image Consultants based on my workbook of the same title, obviously...

April 1, 2010


When we think of Dennis Rodman, there are two or three words (besides dominant rebounder and defender) that thousands of people associate with him: Outrageous Bad Boy. How did he earn this moniker?  Although I do not agree with his antics or politics, Dennis Rodman pr...

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